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S1E11: Q&A with Cindy and Dawn, No. 1

“It may be that the souls of all children are waiting for the call of knowledge to awaken them to delightful living.”

Charlotte Mason, Vol. 6, Philosophy of Education

Show Summary:

  • Today’s episode is our first Charlotte Mason Q&A with Cindy and Dawn
  • What volume should a mother of young children start with first?
  • What does Charlotte say about asking children questions after their readings?
  • What criteria would you use to decide on a curriculum that will best suite your family?
  • How do you keep up a culture of narration in a house full of introverts?
  • What can you do when your child doesn’t enjoy reading, especially older books?
  • How can you motivate students to do as well on written narration as oral narration?

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Books Mentioned:

Toward a Philosophy of Education by Charlotte Mason

Home Education by Charlotte Mason

Mind to Mind by Karen Glass

Know and Tell by Karen Glass

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