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S5E64: A Charlotte Mason Sunday School with Emily Raible and Tracy Fast

All our teaching of children should be given reverently, with the humble sense that we are invited in this matter to co-operate with the Holy Spirit; but it should be given dutifully and diligently.

Charlotte Mason, Vol. 2, Parents and Children

Show Summary:

  • Our guests on The New Mason Jar podcast this week are Emily Raible and Tracy Fast
  • How Tracy was homeschooled and came to learn about Charlotte Mason
  • How Emily first heard about Charlotte Mason
  • How Tracy got started using Charlotte Mason’s principles in teaching Sunday school
  • How Emily began creating a Sunday school curriculum using Miss Mason’s principles
  • What differences have been noticeable since implementing the new methods?
  • What a typical Sunday school class looks like in Tracy’s church
  • What Emily’s Sunday school class typically looks like
  • Some more benefits of a Charlotte Mason Sunday school

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Books and Links Mentioned:

For the Children’s Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay

The Bible Story Handbook by John and Kim Walton

The Burgess Bird Book by Thornton W. Burgess

House of Humane Letters

Simply Charlotte Mason


Blue Sky Daisies publishing

Example of nature coloring pages Emily mentioned

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Above all, do not read the Bible at the child: do not let any words of the Scriptures be occasions for gibbeting his faults. It is the office of the Holy Ghost to convince of sin; and He is able to use the Word for this purpose, without risk of that hardening of the heart in which our clumsy dealings too often result.

Charlotte Mason, Home Education



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  • Ashley Jacobson

    This was so helpful! I am a pastor’s wife in a PCA church and we have been using elements of Charlotte’s method in our sunday school. The biggest feedback I have recieved from the teachers is how easy it is to teach this way! Such a gift to families and teachers! Is Emily’s curriculum available for purchase?

    • Emily Raible

      Hey Ashley! My curriculum isn’t available for purchase, but you can find me on Facebook or Instagram and I’d be happy to answer any questions as you create your own!

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