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S7E87: Co-ops and Charlotte Mason with April and Anna

No doubt we do give intellectual food, but too little of it: let us have
courage and we shall be surprised, as we are now and then, at the
amount of intellectual strong meat almost any child will take at a meal
and digest at his leisure.

Charlotte Mason, Philosophy of Education

Show Summary:

  • We kick off this new season of The New Mason Jar with a conversation Cindy and Dawn had with homeschool friends April Weyland and Anna Whiteside
  • How Anna and April first found out about Charlotte Mason
  • How the transition to a Charlotte Mason curriculum worked for Anna
  • Why April decided it was time for them to leave their old coop and start using CM principles
  • How Anna started her own CM coop with a few more like-minded families
  • How April tried to keep the curriculum challenging while balancing learning difficulties
  • Anna’s tips on carrying over these ideas into a coop setting that isn’t strictly Charlotte Mason

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Books and Links Mentioned:

For the Children’s Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay

Know and Tell by Karen Glass

The 2024 Back to School Conference: Heart to Heart

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But education should be a science of proportion, and any one
subject that assumes undue importance does so at the expense
of other subjects which a child’s mind should deal with.

Charlotte Mason, Philosophy of Education

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