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S3E39: Swedish Drill with Dawn Duran

I will only add, that to give the child pleasure in light and easy motion–the sort of delight in the management of his own body that a good rider finds in managing his horse–dancing, drill, calisthenics, some sort of judicious physical exercise, should make part of every day’s routine. Swedish drill is especially valuable, and many of the exercises are quite suitable for the nursery. Certain moral qualities come into play in alert movements, eye-to-eye attention, prompt and intelligent replies; but it often happens that good children fail in these points for want of physical training.

Charlotte Mason, Vol. 1, Home Education

Show Summary:

  • This week Dawn Duran joins Cindy to discuss the value and practice of Swedish Drill
  • How Dawn first learned about Charlotte Mason
  • What exactly is Swedish Drill?
  • What is the connection between Swedish Drill and Charlotte Mason?
  • What are the benefits of Swedish Drill in the school day?
  • How did you develop your Swedish Drill Revisited materials?
  • What ages can do Swedish Drill?
  • Can this be done in groups or at home with just one or two children?

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Home Education by Charlotte Mason

Dawn’s Citizenship Webinar: A Reasoned Patriotism

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