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S3E40: Donna-Jean Breckenridge on Updating “This Country of Ours”

Next in order to religious knowledge, history is the pivot on which our curriculum turns.

Charlotte Mason, Philosophy of Education, Vol. 6, p. 273

Show Summary:

  • Today’s guest is Donna-Jean Breckenridge, veteran homeschool mom, grandmother and member of the AmblesideOnline Advisory
  • Before getting to main the subject matter, Donna-Jean gives homeschooling moms a little encouragement and exhortation
  • How This Country of Ours was chosen as a history spine for AmblesideOnline
  • Why Donna-Jean decided to expand and update the book
  • How Donna-Jean annotated, expanded and updated This Country of Ours
  • What she hopes this new version accomplishes

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Books and Links Mentioned:

Philosophy of Education by Charlotte Mason

This Country of Ours, Vol.1 by H.E. Marshall: Annotated, Expanded and Updated by Donna-Jean Breckenridge

A Reasoned Patriotism Webinar with Dawn Duran

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It is never too late to mend but we may not delay to offer such a liberal and generous diet of History to every child in the country as shall give weight to his decisions, consideration to his actions and stability to his conduct; that stability, the lack of which has plunged us into many a stormy sea of unrest.

Charlotte Mason, Philosophy of Education, Vol. 6, p. 179


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