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S6E84: Morning Time for Moms Part 3 with Elissa Kroeger

If we know one person who grows pale at a lofty thought, whose tears come at the telling of a heroic action, let us learn, from that, that these are thoughts and actions that have the power to move us all; therefore, we must give freely of our best, without the supercilious notion that So-and so would not understand. If music, poetry, art, give us joy, let us not hesitate to present these joys to others; for indeed, those others are made in all points like as we are, though with a different experience. The orator whose Sympathy is awake appeals to the generosity, delicacy, courage, loyalty of a mixed mob of people; and he never appeals in vain. His Sympathy, his comprehension, has discerned all these riches of the heart in the unpromising crowd before him and; like Ariel, released from his tree prison leaps out of many a human prison, a beautiful human being at the touch of this key.

Charlotte Mason, Ourselves

Show Summary:

  • On The New Mason Jar this week, Cindy and Dawn sit down to talk with veteran homeschool mom Elissa Kroeger about her own journey of self-education
  • How Elissa first heard about Charlotte Mason
  • Elissa’s own history with reading and self-education through her school years
  • How Elissa’s early homeschooling community grew organically
  • How was a Charlotte Mason lifestyle a catalyst for wholeness in Elissa’s life?
  • How has life changed since most of Elissa’s children have grown and are no longer in her homeschool?
  • What Elissa does now for self-education
  • Who were the women who made the biggest impression on Elissa’s life?

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Books and Links Mentioned:

Better Late Than Early by Raymond Moore

Mere Motherhood by Cindy Rollins

The Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander

The Tripods Series by John Christopher

Byzantium by Stephen Lawhead

The City of God by St. Augustine

Genevieve Foster

H. E. Marshall

Spiritual Sight by Joyce McPherson


Set Your Feet Retreat

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It is by way of an effort towards this adjustment of power that I wish to bring before parents and teachers the subject of ‘masterly inactivity’. We ought to do so much for our children, and are able to do so much for them, that we begin to think everything rests with us and that we should never intermit for a moment our conscious action on the young minds and hearts about us. Our endeavours become fussy and restless. We are too much with our children ‘late and soon’. We try to dominate them too much, even when we fail to govern, and we are unable to perceive that wise and purposeful letting alone is the best part of Education. But this form of error arises from a defect of our qualities. We may take heart. We have the qualities and all that is wanted is an adjustment; to this we must give our time and attention.

Charlotte Mason, School Education

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