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S6E85: Morning Time for Moms, Part 4, with Christina Baehr

That each thing is a word
Requiring us to speak it;
From the ant to the quasar,
From clouds to ocean floor-

The meaning not ours, but found
In the mind deeply submissive
To the grammar of existence,
The syntax of the real;

So that alien is changed
To human, thing into thinking:
For the world’s bare tokens
We pay golden coin,

Stamped with the king’s image;
And poems are prophecy
Of a new heaven and earth,
A rumour of resurrection

“Credo” by James Phillip McAuley

Show Summary:

  • In today’s episode of The New Mason Jar, Cindy shares a chat she had with Christina Baehr, a second generation homeschooling mom in Tasmania, Australia
  • A little about Christina’s background and various creative pursuits, including music and writing
  • What is Pilgrim Hill, and why did Christina and her husband start it?
  • How Christina’s own self-education was deeply influenced by her mother
  • How Christina home educates her own children
  • Why Christina never really stopped self-educating
  • How Christina gets through difficult seasons
  • Evaluating expectations as a homeschool mom
  • How Christina got back into writing
  • What Christina is reading right now

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Books and Links Mentioned:

Elizabeth Goudge

Edith Nesbit

Elizabeth Von Arnim

Cheaper by the Dozen by Frank Gilbreth and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey

The Secrets of Ormdale Series by Christina Baehr

Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey

Beyond Mere Motherhood by Cindy Rollins

Anthony Trollope

P. G. Wodehouse

The Mabinogion by Anonymous

How We Might Live by Suzanne Fagence Cooper

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“It is no small part of education to have seen much beauty, to recognize it when we see it, and to keep ourselves humble in its presence.”

Charlotte Mason, Toward a Philosophy of Education


  • Lia

    I’d love to listen to this episode, but unfortunately it cuts to the end after only about 20 mins! I’ve tried it on Apple Podcasts and from your website and it does the same each time. Please let us know when this is fixed. Thank you!

    • admin

      Lia, so sorry about that! It appears that the original file was corrupted, but a new file has been uploaded and republished. You should be able to find it in your podcast player soon!

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