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S2E27: The Value of Teaching Plutarch with Tom Cox

…the one achievement possible and necessary for every man is character; and character is as finely wrought metal beaten into shape and beauty by the repeated and accustomed action of will. We who teach should make it clear to ourselves that our aim in education is less conduct than character…

Charlotte Mason, Toward a Philosophy of Education, Vol. 6

Show Summary:

  • Today’s guest is Tom Cox, husband and homeschool father, classical educator, and Plutarch podcaster
  • How Tom and his wife learned about Charlotte Mason
  • How Tom became so interested in Plutarch
  • The value of Plutarch in the classroom and homeschool
  • Tips for approaching Plutarch with a realistic viewpoint
  • Some advice on choosing a translation (find Tom’s video on the topic here)
  • Some reasons NOT to study Plutarch
  • What a difference it has made for Tom to use narration in his classroom

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Books and Links Mentioned:

Toward a Philosophy of Education by Charlotte Mason

Plutarch’s Lives: and English Translation by Bernadotte Perrin

The Roots of American Order by Russell Kirk

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