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S5E63: Singing in the Homeschool with Heather Bunting

In teaching music, again, let him once perceive the beautiful laws of harmony, the personality, so to speak, of Music, looking out upon him from among the queer little black notes…

Charlotte Mason, Vol. 2, Parents and Children, p. 278-279

Show Summary:

  • On the New Mason Jar today, Cindy is joined by Heather Bunting, homeschooling mother of 4 and former public school music teacher
  • How Heather first came to learn about Charlotte Mason and her philosophy
  • What is solfege or solfa, and why it is helpful to learn?
  • Why Heather started making videos teaching solfege on her channel Children of the Open Air
  • Is there a benefit to singing a cappella as opposed to singing with accompaniment?
  • Are there resources for implementing singing in the homeschool?
  • How singing connects with a Charlotte Mason education

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Books and Links Mentioned:

For the Children’s Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay

The 5th Annual Back to School Conference

Children of the Open Air on Youtube

AmblesideOnline Folk Song Lists

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They are the earth and the wind and the home and the heather and all the gracious commonplaces of human life and circumstance. They are children of the open air.

from The Joyous Book Singing games by John Hornby



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