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S1E13: Charlotte Mason Co-ops with Liz Wetzel

Show Summary:

  • Today’s guest is Liz Wetzel, mother of 5 and Charlotte Mason co-op leader
  • How Liz found the need for a learning community that was sustainable
  • How Liz came to know about Charlotte Mason’s philosophy
  • Why Liz’s family left Classical Conversations for something else
  • What happened when Liz started a Charlotte Mason reading group
  • How Liz structured their CM community with a focus on older students
  • What subjects Liz’s co-op usually does together regularly
  • What Liz suggests for trying to start a CM community of your own

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Books and Links Mentioned:

Home Education by Charlotte Mason

Nancy Kelly at Sage Parnassus

Wild + Free


Charlotte Mason in Community

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“Comradeship has Duties.–To take one more instance of an affinity–comradeship. Most of us have serious thoughts about friendship; but we are apt to take comradeship, fellowship, very casually, and to think it is sufficiently maintained if we meet for parties, games, picnics, or what not. Public school boys generally learn better; they know that comradeship mean much cheerful give-and-take, chaff, help, unsparing criticism; if need be, the taking or giving of serious reproof; loyalty each to each, plucky and faithful leading, staunch following, truth-speaking; the power to see others put first without chagrin, and to bear advancement without conceit. Here, too, are calls for attention, labour, love and reverence; but again, labour is swallowed up in delight.”

Charlotte Mason, School Education, Vol. 3

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