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S1E12: Charlotte Mason Study Groups with Jeannette Tulis

“It is no arbitrary reward which is attached to the assembling of two or three together; we warm ourselves at each others’ fires, and glow with the heat we get. Let but the heads of two or three families meet together to talk over the bringing up of their children, and the best and wisest parents will go home with new insight, renewed purpose, and warmer zeal. ‘We shall learn by degrees that education is, like religion, a social principle as well as an individual duty; and, meeting on this higher ground, we shall find out the best of one another as we never should in the common intercourse of business or society.'”

Charlotte Mason, editorial note, Parents’ Review, March 1890

Show Summary:

  • Today’s guest is Jeannette Tulis, a veteran homeschool mom and longtime Charlotte Mason study group leader
  • How Jeannette came to know about Charlotte Mason’s philosophy
  • How Jeannette got involved with a local group of moms
  • Why Jeannette feels a Charlotte Mason education served all her children well
  • The different ways in which Jeannette’s own community has worked over the years
  • What types of things the study group has read together
  • What advice would you give to someone wanting to start a study group?

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Books and Links Mentioned:

Susan Schaeffer Macaulay

Catherine Levison

Penny Gardner

Karen Andreola

Formation of Character by Charlotte Mason

Charlotte Mason in Community website

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  • Elizabeth Deucher

    Hi Cindy and Dawn, I loved this episode as living in a small town I have always had very few people to share homeschooling with. Two years ago a very young mom (young enough to be my daughter) asked me to start a group to read the six volume set with her and anyone else we could find to join us. We are on our third book now, School Education. My question is really for Jeanette but there wasn’t a link to get a hold of her. I would love love love to read Karen Andreola’s newsletters. Is there a possiblity of having them printed up in a booklet? Thanks for considering it. Love Elizabeth Deucher

  • Jeannette Tulis

    Hi Elizabeth, Glad you liked the episode. Many of the original articles published in Karen Andreola’s Parents Review were republished in Karen’s book A Charlotte Mason Companion. But if you want the full set, Karen still sells all the issues on her website. You can also see some of the table of contents in several issues. Hope that helps. I also have a listing of each issue and topics in each one which is helpful to search for a particular topic.

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