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S5E62: The Role of a Homeschool Dad with Dan Bunting

Without knowledge, Reason carries a man into the wilderness and Rebellion joins company. The man is not to be blamed: it is a glorious thing to perceive your mind, your reasoning power, acting of its own accord as it were and producing argument after argument in support of any initial notion; how is a man to be persuaded, when he wakes up to this tremendous power he has of involuntary reasoning, that his conclusions are not necessarily right, but rather that he who reasons without knowledge is like a child playing with edged tools?

Charlotte Mason, Vol. 6, Philosophy of Education, p. 315

Show Summary:

  • On the New Mason Jar today, Cindy chats with Dan Bunting, a pastor and father of 4 homeschooled children
  • How Dan first learned about Charlotte Mason’s philosophy
  • Did you have any concerns about using a Charlotte Mason curriculum initially?
  • What Dan saw about this educational philosophy that impressed him
  • What Dan’s role is in his family’s homeschool journey
  • How Dan is continuing his own education as a father
  • Do you think that a Charlotte Mason education is strong enough in STEM subjects?
  • Dan’s best advice for fathers to support their homeschooling families

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Books and Links Mentioned:

Range by David Epstein

Mind to Mind by Karen Glass

H. P. Lovecraft

Terry Pratchett

The 5th Annual Back to School Conference

Dan’s Episode on The Literary Life podcast

Dan’s Reading the Psalms podcast

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…habit is inevitable. If we fail to ease life by laying down habits of right thinking and right acting, habits of wrong thinking and wrong acting fix themselves of their own accord.

Charlotte Mason, Vol. 6, Philosophy of Education, p. 101



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