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S5E61: The Great Recognition with Camille Malucci

In the things of science, in the things of art, in the things of practical everyday life, his God doth instruct him and doth teach him, her God doth instruct her and doth teach her. Let this be the mother’s key to the whole of the education of each boy and each girl; not of her children; the Divine Spirit does not work with nouns of multitude, but with each single child. Because He is infinite, the whole world is not too great a school for this indefatigable Teacher, and because He is infinite, He is able to give the whole of his infinite attention for the whole time to each one of his multitudinous pupils. We do not sufficiently rejoice in the wealth that the infinite nature of our God brings to each of us.

Charlotte Mason, Vol. 2, Parents and Children

Show Summary:

  • Today on the New Mason Jar, Camille Malucci is back on the podcast to talk with Cindy about a painting that had a great effect on Charlotte Mason
  • How did Charlotte Mason come to view these frescoes?
  • What are some of the scenes depicted in the frescoes in the Spanish Chapel, Santa Maria Novella?
  • What was it about this painting that so impacted Miss Mason?
  • Why is it so hard for us to grasp the concept of “the Great Recognition” that Mason talks about?
  • How did Charlotte Mason see this recognition as helpful to resolving some of the discord in modernity?

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Books and Links Mentioned:

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Parents and Children by Charlotte Mason

Common Place Quarterly Magazine


Camille’s episode on the CMEC curriculum

Mornings in Florence by John Ruskin

The Story of Charlotte Mason by Essex Cholmondeley

The Charlotte Mason Collection at the Armitt Museum

Print of The Great Recognition from Riverbend Press

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We must think, we must know, we must rejoice in and create the beautiful. And if all the burning thoughts that stir in the minds of men, all the beautiful conceptions they give birth to, are things apart from God, then we too must have a separate life, a life apart from God, a division of ourselves into secular and religious––discord and unrest. We believe that this is the fertile source of the unfaith of the day, especially in young and ardent minds…and the young man or woman, full of promise and power, becomes a free-thinker, an agnostic, what you will. But once the intimate relation, the relation of Teacher and taught in all things of the mind and spirit, be fully recognised, our feet are set in a large room; there is space for free development in all directions, and this free and joyous development, whether of intellect or heart, is recognised as a Godward movement.

Charlotte Mason, Parents and Children



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