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S4E59: A Reasoned Patriotism with Dawn Duran

The honor due to our country…is not to be confounded with the ignorant and impertinent attitude of the Englishman or the Chinese who believes that to be born an Englishman or a Chinese puts him on a higher level than the people of all other countries; that his own country and his own government are right in all circumstances, and other countries and other governments always wrong. But, on the other hand, still more to be guarded against, is the caitiff spirit of him who holds his own country and his own government always in the wrong and always the worse, and exalts other nations unduly for the sake of depreciating his own.

Charlotte Mason, Vol. 4, Ourselves, Book 1

Show Summary:

  • Today on the New Mason Jar, Dawn Duran is here to share about her new book A Reasoned Patriotism
  • How did this book come about?
  • What did Charlotte Mason have to say about patriotism and the teaching of a country’s history?
  • What is the difference between patriotism and nationalism?
  • What does this book include?
  • How can mothers help develop this reasoned patriotism in the home?
  • What does Dawn mean when she talks about critical thinking?

But before we teach children to criticise the institutions of their country, before we teach them to be critical of what is bad, let us teach them to recognize and admire what is good.

Charlotte Mason, Philosophy of Education, pg. 126

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Ourselves by Charlotte Mason

A Reasoned Patriotism by Dawn Duran

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It is good, doubtless, to be cosmopolitan in our tastes, liberal and unprejudiced in our judgments; but he who would love all the world must begin with the brother whom he has seen, and enlightened sympathy with other nations can coexist only with profound and instructed patriotism.

Charlotte mason, Formation of Character



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  • Jen Brendsel

    What a great episode! Cindy made a comment about how Ms. Mason tells us that we don’t have access to a child’s soul, but we do have access to his mind. I’m wondering if in a future Q & A, you might be willing to put that in context for us and draw out some of it’s implications. Thank you!

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