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S1E10: The Immeasurable Benefits of Nature Study with Naomi Goegan

“How delicious it is to sit down with a twig.”

A Student, as quoted by Charlotte Mason

Show Summary:

  • Today’s guest is Naomi Goegan, an Auxiliary member of AmblesideOnline
  • How Naomi discovered Charlotte Mason’s philosophy
  • What would you say to new moms about starting nature study and going on nature walks?
  • Why does nature study get so closely associated with Charlotte Mason?
  • How is nature study foundational to the study of science?
  • Some thoughts on the posture of a student coming to the study of nature
  • What nature study elements are the most important in your mind?
  • What are the potential effects of technology in relation to nature study?
  • How to prepare for a day of nature study

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Books Mentioned:

Cornell Nature Study Leaflets

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