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S5E69: A Question of Culture with Erin Kunkle

Mentally he must be developed so that as he grows older he may have the capacity to grasp the true meaning of social and political questions of the day. His mind should be so trained that he will be able to detect and reject fallacious statements, and quick to discover the claptrap of which our newspapers are so full.

E. A. Smith, “Citizenship: Our Responsibility as Teachers”, June 1911 L’Umile Pianta

Show Summary:

  • Today’s guest on The New Mason Jar is Erin Kunkle, a veteran homeschool mom, speaker and co-host of the MAVEN parent podcast
  • How Erin first heard about Charlotte Mason
  • What is Maven all about?
  • What do we mean when we say “culture” and why it is important to stay engaged with it?
  • Does teaching apologetics and Christian worldview align with a Charlotte Mason education?
  • How can we talk about cultural issues in a way that encourages kids to learn to think for themselves?
  • Erin’s advice for talking with kids about difficult topics

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Books and Links Mentioned:

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For the Children’s Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay

Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling by Andy Crouch

More Than a Carpenter by Josh MacDowell with Sean MacDowell

A Practical Guide to Culture by Brett Kunkle and John Stonestreet

Questioning the Bible by Jonathan Morrow

The Story of Reality by Greg Koukl

[We] must listen and consider, being sure that one of the purposes we are in the world for is, to form right opinions about all matters that come in our way.

Charlotte Mason, Ourselves

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