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S6E77: Seeing the Big Picture with Heather Martin

Three Questions for the Mother…She must ask herself
Why must the children learn at all? What should they learn? And, How
should they learn it? If she takes the trouble to find a definite and
thoughtful answer to each of these three queries, she will be in a
position to direct her children’s studies; and will, at the same time, be
surprised to find that three-fourths of the time and labour ordinarily
spent by the child at his lessons is lost time and wasted energy.

Charlotte Mason, Home Education, p. 171

Show Summary:

  • On this week’s episode of The New Mason Jar, Cindy and Dawn sit down to chat with veteran homeschool mom, Heather Martin about a wide variety of topics
  • How and when Heather actually learned about Charlotte Mason after organically using many of her methods all along
  • How getting a teaching certificate actually ensured Heather would choose to home educate instead
  • Were there challenges specific to having only boys?
  • What were some of the intentional things you did in your home to build your family culture?
  • Some encouragement for moms regarding mathematics
  • How Heather started local recitation gatherings with other homeschoolers

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Mere Motherhood by Cindy Rollins

Range by David Epstein

In Vital Harmony by Karen Glass

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That the mother may know what she is about, may come thoroughly
furnished to her work, she should have something more than a hearsay
acquaintance with the theory of education, and with those conditions
of the child’s nature upon which such theory rests.

Charlotte Mason, Home Education, p. 3

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