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S6E73: Music and Group Singing with Bethany Stuard

Few things could be more disastrous (as, alas, few are more imminent) than a sudden break with the traditions of the past; wherefore, let us gently knit the bonds that bind us to the generation all too rapidly dying out. It is well that we gather up, with tender reverence, such fragments of their insight and experience as come in our way; for we would fain, each, be as an householder, bringing forth out of his treasures things new and old.

Charlotte Mason, Formation of Character, p. 156-157

Show Summary:

  • On The New Mason Jar this week, Cindy talks with Bethany Stuard, homeschooling mom of 3, about incorporating group singing into the homeschool day
  • How Bethany came to know about Charlotte Mason as a second-generation homeschooler
  • How choral music connected Bethany with poetry, the liturgy, other cultures and more
  • Practical tips for helping children sing confidently at home
  • How folk songs help connect us to other cultures and our own history
  • Tips for finding a choir for a child to join
  • Tips for making the most of composer study

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Books and Links Mentioned:

Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne

For the Children’s Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay

James Herriot

Peter Kreeft

Melody Sheet Music

Poetry Set to Choral Music on Spotify  

Playlist of Folk and Children’s Songs on Spotify

AmblesideOnline Folk Song Selections

Feierabend Song Collection Books

Kodaly Collection

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…a classical education does more, turns out men with intellects cultivated and trained, who are awake to every refinement of thought, and yet ready for action. But the press and hurry of our times and the clamour for useful knowledge are driving classical culture out of the field; and parents will have to make up their minds, not only that they must supplement the moral training of the school, but must supply the intellectual culture, without which knowledge may be power, but is not pleasure, nor the means of pleasure.

Charlotte Mason, Formation of Character, p. 213

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