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S5E72: “Six Voices, One Story” with Donna-Jean Breckenridge

It is not the friends of our election who have exclusive claims upon us; the friends brought to us here and there by the circumstances of life all claim our loyalty, and from these we get…kindness for kindness, service for service, loyalty for loyalty, full measure, heaped together and running over.

Charlotte Mason, Ourselves, Book 2, p. 32

Show Summary:

  • Today on The New Mason Jar, Cindy and Dawn welcome back Donna-Jean Breckenridge, veteran homeschool mom, grandmother and member of the AmblesideOnline Advisory
  • Donna-Jean shares a little about how the Advisory met and went on to work together to create AmblesideOnline and a grew to have deep friendships along the way
  • Donna-Jean talk about how this book came to be and some of the challenges along the way
  • What do you see as the future of the Advisory and AO?

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Six Voices, One Story by the AmblesideOnline Advisory

Archipelago, The AO Advisory Blog

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Once we see that we are dealing spirit with spirit with the friend at whose side we are sitting, with the people who attend to our needs, we shall be able to realise how incessant is the commerce between the divine Spirit and our human spirit. It will be to us as when one stops one’s talk and one’s thoughts in the springtime, to find the world full of bird-music unheard the instant before.

Charlotte Mason, Parents and Children, P. 276-277

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  • Madison Stouder

    I have a 9-month-old and stumbled upon Ambelside online in a way that only God could have orchestrated, but I have been so inspired and so thankful to have found such a community and I am looking forward to learning more and reading your book!

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