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S4E48: Math in the Charlotte Mason Model with Richele Baburina

Miss Mason taught us that ‘Education is the science of relations’ and that a child should feel from the very beginning that his relations with number are opening up to him yet another realm of beautiful and wonderful things for his enjoyment and delight.

Number: A Figure and a Step Onward, Mrs. W.A. Stephens, The Parents’ Review

Show Summary:

  • Today’s guest is Richele Baburina, a veteran homeschooling mother of 2 and author of The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series, and Brush Drawing: A Basic Course
  • How Richele first heard about Charlotte Mason
  • How Richele began researching Charlotte’s ideas about teaching mathematics
  • What levels is The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithemetic Series for?
  • What were some of the surprising things Richele learned in her research?

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Books and Links Mentioned:

The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series by Richele Baburina

Brush Drawing: A Basic Course by Richele Baburina

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