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S2E23: Transitioning to a Charlotte Mason Homeschool with Dawn Garrett

Show Summary:

  • Today’s guest is Dawn Garrett, homeschooling mother of 3, and Community Manager at
  • How Dawn came to hear about Charlotte Mason after being a neo-Classical home educator
  • What did your transition look like when you started using more Charlotte Mason methods?
  • Did you have any concerns or challenges as you made that transition?
  • How did your children respond to the change?
  • What is your advice for parents wanting to make the shift?

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In Memoriam by the Parents’ National Education Union

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There is a saying of King Alfred’s that I like to apply to our School,–“I have found a door,” he says. That is just what I hope your School is to you–a door opening into a great palace of art and knowledge in which there are many chambers all opening into gardens or field paths, forest or hills. One chamber, entered through a beautiful Gothic archway, is labeled Bible Knowledge, and there the Scholar finds goodness as well as knowledge, as indeed he does in many others of the fair chambers. You see that doorway with much curious lettering? History is within, and that is, I think, an especially delightful chamber. But it would take too long to investigate all these pleasant places and indeed you could label a good many of the doorways from the headings of your term’s programme.

But you will remember that the School is only a “Door” to let you in to the goodly House of Knowledge, but I hope you will go in and out and live there all your lives–in one pleasant chamber and another; for the really rich people are they who have the entry to this goodly House, and who never let King Alfred’s ‘Door’ rust on its hinges, no, not all through their lives, even when they are very old people.

I have a great hope for all you dear Scholars of the P.U.S.; other people will be a little the better because you love knowledge, and have learnt to think fair, just thoughts about things, and to seek first the Kingdom of Heaven in which is all that is beautiful, good and happy-making. I must not take up any more of the time in which there are so many things to be done, so, wish you the very happiest week in all your happy lives.

Charlotte Mason as recorded in In Memoriam (pp 115-116)


  • Janice Casadevall

    I any loved this episode . I am very new with regarding homeschooling, my child is going into 6th grade with a second grade level in both math and reading . He’s a high functioning autistic child with adhd.he never learned about the Bible, I really am falling in love with this Charlotte Masons Curriculum. Do you think it’s possible for me to change from regular public school learnings to Charlotte mason? Since he’s never learned anything about the Bible and being that he’s on such a low level. Please pray for me. I want this so bad. I want him to be a self sufficient independent young man when he gets older, I apologize for this long email. Where do I purchase the work books if I decide to do Charlotte Mason? Where would I be Hindi they test for grade level?
    Any I formation will be greatly appreciated
    Have a good evening and thank you for these wonderful pod casts,
    Janice C

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