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S4E56: Prioritizing Principles Over Practices with Alanna Hendon

The parent who sees his way––that is, the exact force of method––to educate his child, will make use of every circumstance of the child’s life almost without intention on his own part, so easy and spontaneous is a method of education based upon Natural Law. Does the child eat or drink, does he come, or go, or play––all the time he is being educated, though he is as little aware of it as he is of the act of breathing.

Charlotte Mason, Home Education

Show Summary:

  • Today on The New Mason Jar, Alanna Hendon returns to discuss more about using Charlotte Mason’s ideas in the homeschool
  • How Alanna came to Charlotte Mason and learned more about her principles in-depth
  • The gift of the unplanned and prioritizing principles over practices
  • How do you see Charlotte Mason’s philosophy playing out with individual children versus the group?
  • What a typical day looks like in Alanna’s homeschool

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Home Education by Charlotte Mason


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Koshka’s Tales by James Mayhew

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