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S4E52: Music Education in the Charlotte Mason Paradigm with Megan Hoyt

…what if the devitalisation we notice in so many of our young
people, keen about games but dead to things of the mind, is due
to the processes carried on in our schools, to our plausible and
pleasant ways of picturing, eliciting, demonstrating, illustrating,
summarising, doing all those things for children which they are
born with the potency to do for themselves? No doubt we do
give intellectual food, but too little of it; let us have courage and
we shall be surprised, as we are now and then, at the amount of
intellectual strong meat almost any child will take at a meal and
digest at his leisure.

Charlotte Mason, Philosophy of Education

Show Summary:

  • Today’s guest is Megan Hoyt, veteran homeschooling mom, musician and author
  • Megan tells how she picked up her love of music from her parents and passed it on to her own
  • What is the overall theme of A Touch of the Infinite?
  • What are some of the misconceptions you think people have about Charlotte Mason and music education?
  • What did music education look like in your own homeschool?
  • How Megan wrote A Touch of the Infinite and what is in the book
  • How did you start writing children’s books?

Listen Now:

Books and Links Mentioned:

Bartali’s Bicycle by Megan Hoyt

The Greatest Song of All by Megan Hoyt

Thanku: Poems of Gratitude edited by Miranda Paul

Hidegard’s Gift by Megan Hoyt

A Touch of the Infinite by Megan Hoyt

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