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S1E15: Recitation Gatherings with Dawn Duran and Maria Bell

I think all that I have written is still true, but I would emphasize habit and so-on less; child-mind, no, because a child has as much mind as the rest of us.

Charlotte Mason, In a letter to Henrietta Franklin

Show Summary:

  • Today’s guest is Maria Bell, homeschool mother of 4
  • What is your story of coming to discover Charlotte Mason?
  • What was Charlotte Mason’s idea of recitation?
  • What does the Dawn and Maria’s recitation gathering look like?
  • What Cindy’s own recitation gatherings were like when her children were growing up
  • How do you keep these kinds of event from being times to “show off”
  • What role do parents have in preparing the children for these events?
  • What are some ways people can set the atmosphere with a theme?
  • Do you have suggestions for people who don’t have a large homeschool community already?

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Books and Links Mentioned:

For the Children’s Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay

A Philosophy of Education by Charlotte Mason

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Let teachers believe that knowledge is the sole concern of education, that knowledge is life, and that knowledge of God is eternal life, and education will advance by leaps and bounds, personality will develop, and the children we bring up will be, as we would have them, greater and better than ourselves.

Charlotte Mason, in a 1914 Article for “Teacher’s World”

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