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S1E3: “In Vital Harmony” with Karen Glass

“The message for our age is, Believe in mind, and let education go straight as a bolt to the mind of the pupil.”

Charlotte Mason, Vol. 6, Philosophy of Education

Show Summary:

  • Today’s guest is Karen Glass, author and member of the AmblesideOnline Advisory
  • What, as a whole, are Charlotte Mason’s 20 Principles?
  • What exactly is a principle anyway?
  • What prompted Karen to help homeschooling moms understand the “why” behind Charlotte Mason’s methods instead of just the “how”
  • The crucial importance of the overarching principles of person-hood and the science of relations
  • Why a Charlotte Mason education is still relevant today
  • Karen’s advice for new homeschooling parents

Listen Now:

Books Mentioned:

Home Education by Charlotte Mason

For the Children’s Sake by Susan Schaefer Macaulay

Toward a Philosophy of Education by Charlotte Mason

In Vital Harmony by Karen Glass

Consider This by Karen Glass

Know and Tell by Karen Glass

Mind to Mind by Karen Glass

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