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S4E54: Lent, Easter, and “Ourselves” with Anne White

…to be born a human being is like coming into a very great estate;
so much in the way of goodness, greatness, heroism, wisdom, and knowledge, is possible to us all.

Charlotte Mason, Ourselves, Book 1

Show Summary:

  • Today’s returning guest is Anne White, veteran homeschool mom, author, and member of the AmblesideOnline Advisory
  • Anne’s history with Lent and how she and her family started observing the seasons of the church year
  • What is different about Charlotte Mason’s book Ourselves than her other volumes?
  • How might Ourselves be used in the homeschool?
  • How Anne went on her own journey in writing Offering Ourselves
  • What are some of Anne’s family traditions for Lent and Easter?
  • How the AmblesideOnline Advisory created a new resource page for the Easter season

Listen Now:

Books and Links Mentioned:

Offering Ourselves: A Lenten Journey with Charlotte Mason by Anne White

Honest, Simple Souls by Anne White

Studying to Be Quiet: One Hundred Days of Keeping by Laurie Bestvater

100 Days of Keeping Invitation

Ourselves by Charlotte Mason

The Story of Charlotte Mason by Essex Cholmondeley

AmblesideOnline’s new Easter/Resurrection Idea page

Ideas Freely Sown by Anne White

The Practical Plutarch by Anne White

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